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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Kaminsky Wins By Decision

David Kaminsky defeated Estevan Payan in a fight that was originally scheduled for February 8. This bout took place tonight at The Hangar in Costa Mesa, California. Kaminsky won with three scores of 40-36.

Kaminsky controlled the middleweight swing bout throughout. The southpaw showed impressive hand speed, a good jab, strong lead lefts, and a dangerous check right hook. His foot movement befuddled the tough Payan. In the second round, Kaminsky's movement made Payan miss badly. In the third, Kaminsky landed three lead straight lefts and two right hooks that shook up Payan.

Payan's best chance was to get to the inside. On the rare occasion when Payan managed to get close, Kaminsky was defensively responsible. His guard was up as Payan tried to maul him with arm punches. In addition to lunging too much, Payan was also too square and too slow for the younger fighter. Kaminsky kept his right hand low at range the entire fight. It didn't hurt him at all in this one, but could be a liability against a better boxer in the future.

In addition, to wearing trunks with red on one side and white with gold stripes and a Star of David on the other, Kaminsky bit down on a comically over-sized mouthpiece. Otherwise, Kaminsky looked splendid in the fight. The 18 year old moves to 4-0 with two KOs. Payan falls to 1-7-1 with one KO.