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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Duer Wins Twelfth Straight

WBO super bantamweight titleholder Carolina Duer won a hotly contested unanimous decision over former world champion Marcela Eliana Acuna in a non-title affair at Club Universitario in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the hometown of both women.

Acuna entered the ring sporting an ensemble that either suggested she was crazy enough to do anything to win or hinted at her lack of honest friends. Her customary bangs were eerily reminiscent of Tanya Harding's. She wore blue shoes and silver trunks pulled up so high, Duer would have to aim for the head or risk a warning for a low blow. Acuna hid a purple sports bra behind a white top. Her overall appearance collaborated to produce the menacing message of "I just don't give a damn!"

Duer, on the other hand, wore gold shoes and a flowing black skirt. Her cute hair was wrapped tighter than ever, a byproduct of multiple mishaps in previous bouts. Carolina is a combination of two distinct professions. She's a model and a boxer. Her style in the ring mimics that dichotomy. She's the rare combination of a boxer and a brawler. At times, she moves and jabs; and when she does, her skirt gently ripples in the wind as if it was a photo shoot. She also rushes at her opponent bull-like, stumbling as she flails punches wildly. The intention of these charges is to land with either an overhand right or a sneaky left hook. As a result, Duer misses a lot of punches, but she tends to land more than her opponent. The fight against Acuna was no different.

Acuna controlled the center of the ring throughout the entire battle. But, contrary to her aggressive wardrobe, she passively waited to counter Duer's charges with varying degrees of success. Duer was far too active at the outset of the fight for Acuna to have won any of the first three rounds. In the fourth, Acuna landed a solid jab as Duer stormed towards her. It was a tactic Acuna should have used with more frequency. At the end of the sixth round, Acuna landed a hard right that shook Duer momentarily before she produced a glowing smile on her lips.

The model's ferociousness helped carry her through the final rounds. Duer's constant movement in the ninth round frustrated Acuna. Duer won the tenth thanks to a left hook that was thrown a little lower than a normal version of the punch.

After the fight, the two women embraced as if they had been long lost friends reunited at an airport gate. They hugged tightly after the decision was announced as well. Duer won with the curious scores of 97.5-93.5, 98-94.5, and 96.5-96. Duer improves to 14-3 with five KOs and Acuna falls to 37-6 with 17 KOs.

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