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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Groenteman Back on Winning Track

Barry Groenteman defeated Samir Boukrara by six-round unanimous decision last night at Wellness Profi Center in Purmerend, Netherlands. This was Barry's first win in his last three fights. In Groenteman's previous two fights, he had suffered a disputed split decision loss to Andrea Carbonello last March and earned a draw with Tarik Madni in October.

Groenteman came away from his fight with Boukrara with a lot of respect for the Moroccan. He told The Jewish Boxing Blog, "He is a dangerous journeyman" and noted that Boukrara threw "very hard punches." But Barry believed he was able to secure the victory because, "My timing, technique, and speed was much better."

Groenteman improves to 8-5-2 with 2 KOs and he's now 5-1 with 2 KOs at the Wellness Profi Center (his lone loss was to Carbonello). Boukrara falls to 12-17-1 after enduring his fifth consecutive loss. Groenteman is scheduled to face Jarkko Putkonen (7-0, 4 KOs)  on April 6. The fight will take place in the undefeated 28 year old's home country of Finland. Groenteman will mark Putkonen's toughest opponent of his career. He has never faced a man with a winning record before. Conversely, Groenteman has battled six men with winning records in his career.

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