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Friday, April 5, 2013

Foreman Moves Smoothly in Outboxing King

Yuri Foreman won his second fight in a row by outboxing Gundrick King at the Roseland Ballroom in New York, New York earlier tonight. He used fluid movement and a stiff jab to neutralize the shorter southpaw's offense. All three judges awarded Foreman a 60-54 victory.

King, wearing white trunks with black fire on the bottom, did not possess the ability to get inside Foreman's long jab and thus he rarely threw. When he did, it was almost exclusively with his left. He landed three crisp lefts on Foreman's face during the fight, but that was hardly enough to win even a round.

Foreman, wearing black trunks with a yellow Star of David over his left leg, occasionally added a left hook or a straight right to his jab, but it wasn't enough to excite the crowd. An usher wearing a DiBella Entertainment shirt said that Foreman's style was boring, "That's why his fight is the last one of the night, so it will put his fans to sleep."

Foreman has been called Yuri "Boreman" because of a perceived lack of action in his fights. It's an unfair characterization. Yuri glided around the ring with the grace of a dancer doing the lindy hop and without a knee brace on his surgically repaired right leg. His punches, though too infrequent for those who yearn for blood, were picturesque. The fact is, he did only what he needed to do to win the fight, often coming forward as King retreated. He punctuated the contest with a hard lead right in the sixth round.

It was a weird night at Roseland that involved the fire alarm ringing before Foreman's fight. During his match, a Foreman fan pounded on a table up in the balcony in hopes of cheering on her man, but the sound was vaguely reminiscent of the ten second warning, which may have distracted the boxers.

Foreman moves his record to 30-2 with 8 KOs while King tumbles to 18-10 with 11 KOs. After the bout, when commentator Steve Farhood asked Yuri what he got out of this fight, Foreman said it was just another step towards achieving his dream of recapturing a world title.

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