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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wohlman Outboxes Cordova

Zachary "Kid Yamaka" Wohlman defeated Eddie Cordova by unanimous decision earlier tonight at the Forum in Inglewood, California. Wohlman outboxed a game Cordova throughout the four-round affair.

After the opening bell, Wohlman and Cordova raced at each other and traded punches. Wohlman got the better of the exchange by sticking to the body first and then working his way up to his opponent's head. Halfway through the round, Wohlman transitioned to boxing. He slipped Cordova's attack while landing jabs and left hooks.

Wohlman landed more blows over the next two rounds as he backed up. By moving as he punched, Wohlman neutralized his own power, however. He also fell into a tendency of releasing one punch at a time, although Zac was very accurate. Cordova gallantly chased Wohlman, but couldn't cut off the ring and was thus ineffective. In the second round, Cordova featured a cut over his left eye. By the third, Cordova began to slow down.

Before the third round, Wohlman's trainer, Eric Brown, advised Zac to come forward and back up Cordova. Wohlman eventually tried in the fourth, but his natural inclination when on the inside is to hold. Since Cordova's only real hope was to land something when both men were in close, Zac expertly pinned Cordova's arms so Eddie was unable to throw punches. Wohlman would then potshot the journeyman from the outside.

Though the fourth round was more competitive, the outcome of the fight was never in doubt. Tony Crebs scored the fight 40-36 while David Mendoza and Raul Caiz Jr. both saw it 39-37. The Jewish Boxing Blog had it 40-36 in favor of Kid Yamaka.

Wohlman improves his record to 8-1-1 with one KO. Cordova is now 4-8-1 with one KO.

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