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Friday, October 4, 2019

Lazarev Goes 4-0

Igor Lazarev, a lightweight from Israel, defeated Leandro Xhelili last Saturday night at Asllan Rusi Sports Palace in Tirana, Albania.

Lazarev pressured effectively in the first three rounds punishing the body. Xhelili was content to counter, but he threw his two-punch counters more frequently in the third. Xhelili actually had Lazarev backing up in the fourth round and landed enough clean shots in the fifth. Lazarev seemed tired, but he came back in the sixth and final round by coming forward and dipping his left shoulder to set up an overhand right.

Lazarev won by split decision.The judges' scores were 58-56, 57-56, and 56-58. Xhelili didn't deserve to win four rounds. Lazarev, 33 year old, is 4-0. Xhelili, an 18 year old from Tirana with a two inch height advantage, is now 1-4.

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