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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Seldin to Fight This Month

Cletus Seldin is scheduled to fight on February 28 at the Paramount Theatre in Huntington, New York. Humberto Martinez, a veteran from Colombia, is listed as his opponent.

This is a stay-busy fight for the 33 year old Seldin, who is coming off a TKO victory against Zab Judah last June. Cletus is 24-1 with 20 KOs and is known for possessing freakish power in his overhand right.

Martinez is a 36 year old with a 33-9-2 record. His ledger looks better than it is. Martinez has only beaten seven opponents with a winning record and none of them had particularly stellar careers. Colombia is a good boxing country, but the best boxers from the South American nation have had success elsewhere. Martinez has won only once outside of Colombia and that was a close decision victory over an 11-13 fighter in Mexico six years ago.

Colombian fighters are known for possessing punching power and Martinez has 25 KOs. But he has been stopped five times. He's 6-1-1 in his last eight fights, but only the only time he faced someone with a good record was in a loss last February to Zaur Abdullaev. While Abdullev later was stopped in the fourth round against hot prospect Devin Haney, Martinez hasn't been back in the ring.

Martinez has some disadvantages. Besides the three year age disadvantage and enduring a longer layoff, he's a natural lightweight while Seldin has hovered around the junior welterweight for most of his career. Seldin is three inches taller and has a longer reach by three inches as well. This will be Humberto's first fight in the United States.

The bout is scheduled for ten rounds.

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