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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Local Police Postpone Lazarev's Fight

Igor Lazarev was scheduled to face Kristian Bejko today in Vlore, Alabania, but the entire event has been postponed and possibly canceled due to "technical reasons" according to Unioni i Boksit Shqiptar's Facebook page.

The weigh-in took place under normal conditions yesterday except there more masks than usual due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Lazarev registered at 131.4 pounds. Three hours ago, a post about the cancellation surfaced on the Albanian Boxing Union's Facebook page.

According to a co-promoter of the event, local police showed up with a restriction order. Negotiations between the promoters and officials lasted for several hours in an attempt to move forward with some part of the card, but ultimately nothing was decided. It is possible that the event in some form or fashion could take place tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.

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