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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Kaminsky Involved in Wild Brawl after Celebrity Boxing Match

David Kaminsky, an active boxer who worked as a trainer for a celebrity boxing match last night, found himself in the middle of a wild post-fight brawl. Kaminsky, a 6-1 (3 KOs) Israeli-born middleweight, trained Johnathan "Blueface Bleedem" Porter for his bout against Kane "Neumane" Trujillo in Tampa, Florida.

Blueface and Neumane fought in a bout billed as a bareknuckle boxing match although they both wore gloves. The ring was a circle. Both celebrities were new to boxing. Blueface, a rapper and gang member, holds down the more respectable day job as Neumane, a TikToker, has been accused of stealing other's material.

Inside the squared circle- er, I mean circled... uh, circle- Blueface came away with a unanimous decision victory. After the fight, an unauthorized man stormed into the ring and began yelling at Blueface. Kaminsky did what any good trainer would do and backed up his charge.

Blueface punched the man several times as security rushed in. Seven men surrounded Kaminsky and separated him from the intruder. It was likely a wise decision on all accounts as the 20 year old pro boxer was probably the most dangerous man in the ring. (link to video here) It also prevented Kaminsky from falling into trouble with the law. The interloper was yanked out of the circular ring after a struggle and eventually arrested, but not before tensions boiled over out of the ring in the back.

Speaking to Elie Seckbach, Kaminsky recounted the moment the trespasser entered the ring, "He swung at Blueface first and... we all tried to jump on him, but security was holding us back."

About the incident in the back, Kaminsky said, "He tried to talk shit again, he started coming up to Blueface, so we rushed him again."

Kaminsky also admitted to Seckbach that he's recovering from an ACL injury which is currently keeping him out of the ring.

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