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Friday, May 27, 2022

Controversial Split Decision Goes Against Alaverdian

The judges sided with David Alaverdian's opponent, Dmytro Zamotaev, who was awarded a split decision victory today in the quarterfinals of the flyweight tournament at the European amateur championships in Yerevan, Armenia. Improbably, two judges scored the close bout a shutout for Zamotaev.

Alaverdian, a 28 year old representing Israel, is 6-0 with 5 KOs as a professional. Against the 27 year old Zamotaev, who represented Ukraine, Alaverdian pressed forward for much of the fight. Zamataev was awkward and it took some time for Alaverdian to find his groove. Zamataev fought well on the inside early including some nice right uppercuts. He dictated when the two would exchange during the first half of the opening round.

A U.S.-based Israeli of Armenian heritage, Alaverdian shifted the momentum with a sustained body assault and closed the round strong. Three judges scored the first for the Ukrainian while two gave the Israeli the nod. It was a close round.

Alaverdian is known to switch stances often, but he mostly fought from the orthodox stance in this fight. Zamotaev actually started the second as a southpaw. Alaverdian attacked Zamotaev's body like a pitbull on a steak. David slipped and countered effectively despite the Ukrainian's unpredictable upper body movement. Zamotaev finished the round strong with two solid counter rights. On the whole, it was another close one, but the judges all gave Dmytro the round.

Knowing he had a virtually insurmountable advantage, Zamotaev spent most the third running and clinching. He engaged in spots, but Alaverdian did almost all of the good work. He landed a big left early, a combination to the body, and many left hooks to the midsection. At times, Zamotaev caught David as the Israeli pressed forward, and Zamotaev landed a couple of sneaky counter rights, but it was clear the Ukrainian just wanted to run out the clock.

Inconceivably, two judges gave Zamotaev the third. Jose Juan Romero Hernandez of Spain and Johany Maden of France exposed themselves as either incompetent or corrupt by giving the final period to Zamotaev. Zamotaev will now face a fighter from Spain in the medal round, so it's possible the Spanish judge scored the bout for the man he perceived to be weaker. Yesterday, Maden was one of two judges who scored the second round of Israeli Miroslav Kapuler Ishchenko's fight for the opponent, which was horrible. Maden should be removed as a judge from the tournament.

The judges from Bosnia and Romania gave David the first and third rounds while the judge from Sweden only gave David the third. Those scores are within reason. As a result, David lost the bout  by split decision, 3-2.

After the fight, David Alaverdian announced his retirement from amateur boxing due to its corruption. He will focus on his professional career, which is a wise decision. His style is more suited for the pro game anyway.

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