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Monday, January 30, 2023

CSAC Cancelled Cohen-Bradley Due to "Large Weight Disparity"

The Jewish Boxing Blog has learned that the Stefi Cohen/Kedra Bradley fight scheduled for this past Friday "was canceled due to a large weight disparity between the two fighters on the night of the event," according to a California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) official.

The CSAC official told The JBB that Cohen officially weighed 129.4 pounds on Friday, a gain of 11.8 pounds from Thursday's weigh-in. Bradley officially weighed 109.8 pounds on fight day, a loss of 4.2 pounds. The weight disparity on the day of the event was 19.6 pounds, or 17.9% of Bradley's bodyweight. Both had made the bantamweight limit at the weigh-in. The official confirmed, "Losing weight after the weigh-in isn’t very common," and there are no CSAC regulations on losing weight, only on gaining too much.

Bradley was four pounds below the contracted weight of 118 pounds during the weigh-in on Thursday and dropped to 8.2 pounds below the limit on the day of the fight. CSAC only has regulations in place to prevent too much weight gain because, with few exceptions, fighters add weight after the weigh-in. Being heavier is considered an advantage in boxing. Thus, they rarely lose weight.

"Our inspectors make sure the differences in weight between the fighters fall within the regulated weight spread both on the day of the weigh-in and on the event day," the CSAC official explained. "In cases like these, where the weight difference is larger than the limit, our executive officer and our Medical Advisory Committee doctors are called immediately to discuss the weight spread and cancellation of the bout."

Together, they decided the fight should be cancelled. While a frustrating decision for the fighters and the fans, it was the right decision for the safety of the lighter fighter.

After the cancellation, Cohen got into the ring to announce her next fight is scheduled for February 23.

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