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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Yonatan Landman Moves to 4-0

Beneath a giant Azerbaijani flag and a watchful portrait of the country's longtime leader Ilham Aliyev, super flyweight Yonatan Landman scored a third round knockout victory in the capital city of Baku yesterday. He showed improved patience and targeted his southpaw opponent's lengthy body.

Landman started the fight aggressively, but remained under control. In earlier fights, he had been a bit too wild at the beginning. Aghasalim Mustafazade, a 23 year old from Baku, pawed with his jab while looking to set up a snapping straight left. Landman was prepared for the attack and didn't get caught.

As the fight progressed, Mustafazade became less interested in unleashing his offense. Landman's body assault and one-twos wore down the Bakuvian boxer. Yonatan did an excellent job of controlling center ring throughout the fight. Mustafazade made a mistake by constantly circling to his left, directly into the path of Landman's devastating right to the body. The alternative was to circle
into Landman's punishing left hook, but he should've varied his movement more.

In the third round, Landman's pressure forced Mustafazade to run. The 19 year old from Israel calmly stalked his prey and caught him with a hard combination to the body while the Azeri was on the ropes. The referee gave the count and then waved off the fight.

Landman, who continues to show improvement, is now 4-0. Mustafazade is 0-2.

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