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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Rumblings of a Foreman Comeback

Yuri Foreman is apparently preparing to make a comeback in 2012. Nothing is set yet, however. Foreman hasn't fought since March, a bout against Pawel Wolak in which Foreman admits he was flat and unprepared.

Foreman told Michael Woods of ESPN New York that he would welcome a rematch against Wolak, who lost to Delvin Rodriguez last Saturday in a rematch of their epic draw this summer.

Of that first Wolak fight, Foreman said, "Against Wolak, that was just my body in it. I had no motivation, I was not present. Boxing is the kind of sport, either you are 100 [percent] in or you better not be there."

Woods reports that Foreman will likely reunite with his old trainer, Joe Grier, the man who was in Yuri's corner when the Jewish boxer won the junior middleweight title in 2009 against Daniel Santos.

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