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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Boxing's Positive Impact

The two videos below are really worth watching. Both show the positivity that can derive from boxing. In the first video, Muslims and Jews from Britiain travel together to watch Amir Khan take on Dmitriy Salita in their 2009 world title clash. The youths bond over boxing and the 1990s television show Saved by the Bell (but mostly boxing). In the second video, Boyd Melson accepts an award for his work in raising funds for stem cell research for spinal cord injuries.

Muslim guy: "Saved by the Bell was good."
Jewish guy: "Saved by the Bell was sick."

About donating his boxing purses to stem cell research, Melson says, "[Dr. Wise Young] said, 'I'm trying to regrow back neurons and you're losing neurons in the process.'"

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