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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ahrens Wins Third Fight

Junior middleweight Danny Ahrens notched his first knockout in his third pro fight after stopping Andrew Patterson in the second round last Saturday at The Arena in Peterborough, England.

Wearing black trunks with a white Star of David over the left thigh, Ahrens came forward and unleashed combinations from the outset. Patterson decided to stop throwing combinations a few seconds after the fight began and allowed himself to be pushed to the ropes. Ahrens quelled what little attack Patterson did mount by alternately keeping a high guard and ducking the shots.

In the second round, Ahrens continued to batter his lesser opponent.  Patterson actually tried to throw back, which made referee Kieran McCann's stoppage at 1:17 in the second a little curious. Ahrens is now 3-0 with one KO and Patterson falls to 5-38-3 with 4 KOs.

Danny's aggressiveness, hard jab, and combination punching were his best attributes in this fight. But he was far too square while in punching range. Had he faced an opponent trying to win, that would have been a big issue. Ahrens also spent some of the fight as a southpaw despite his success in an orthodox stance. He wasn't as effective as a lefty.

His managerial team, led by Robert Waterman, is moving the 19 year old slowly, an understandable progression for a young kid with high hopes. The combined record at the time the Tel Aviv native met his first three opponents was 16-107-9, which is something less than stellar.

Ahrens is scheduled to get back into the ring on April 5 at Civic Hall in Grays, England.

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