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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weinman Vows to Keep Fighting

Last September, Mark Weinman's name was splayed across internet sports sites. Here was a 50-year old man coming back into the ring after a 21-year layoff. And he won! It was the type of feel good story that we all cling to; a man successfully exorcising the demons of what could have been.

The thought of 'what if' gnaws at most of us. For two decades, Weinman had been wondering what would happen if he came back to boxing. But rarely does anyone have the courage to actually attempt to recover their failed dreams. Not only did Weinman step back into the ring; his victory was an inspiration to those jaded souls who have long given up the pursuit of their childhood aspirations.

But on January 19 at Amos' Southend in Charlotte, North Carolina, Weinman suffered a first round stoppage at the hands of a previously winless fighter. Jahaad Wingfield improved his record to 1-6-1 by landing one of his wild punches on his elder's face. The 26-year old then pushed Weinman to the ropes and began raining down untamed blows on his foe. The referee waved off the contest a mere two minutes and four seconds after it began.

And the feel good story has seemingly come to a crashing end. For his part, Weinman (12-4, 10 KOs) believes it was a premature stoppage and asserts that he wasn't hurt. He told Ted Fleming of Examiner.com that he will fight again, "I have to. I have to rectify this debacle."

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