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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sweet Science Commits Plagiarism

The Sweet Science is a well-respected boxing site with quality writers and editors. Unfortunately, the site has committed plagiarism by claiming an article written by The Jewish Boxing Blog as their own.

The Jewish Boxing Blog published an article on Thursday, May 9 called "Salita Doesn't Want to Retire, Hopes to Face Bracero." That same day, The Sweet Science posted the exact same piece with the title "Salita Lobbying Hard For Bracero Fight" and labelled it as a press release. Since they are exactly the same, both posts contain the phrase: "The former world title challenger recently clarified his comments, telling The Jewish Boxing Blog..." which should leave no doubt as to which entity authored the piece.

It also must be noted that The Sweet Science posts their byline on top of every press release on the site, a practice they should stop immediately

Erroneously labeling the article as a press release was just a misunderstanding. In addition, The JBB did not send the piece to The Sweet Science; it must have been sent by a third party. The real issue came when The Sweet Science did not address the issue.

As soon as I, the proprietor of The Jewish Boxing Blog, became aware of the situation on Thursday, May 16, I sent an email to The Sweet Science explaining the misunderstanding and asking that The Sweet Science to change the byline from The Sweet Science to The Jewish Boxing Blog and asking if they would be so kind as to include a link to The Jewish Boxing Blog.

The Sweet Science did not respond.

I sent another email to The Sweet Science explaining the situation on Monday, May 20. The Sweet Science did not respond.

I tweeted The Sweet Science and its Editor-in-Chief, Michael Woods, on Tuesday, May 21, alerting both accounts about the issue with the article and advising them to refer to the emails I had sent. There was no response.

As a last resort, and after much consideration, The Jewish Boxing Blog has decided to go public with the allegation of plagiarism against The Sweet Science. The Sweet Science is a great boxing site with many respected people working at it, but they have committed one of the most egregious sins in journalism and have arrogantly ignored The Jewish Boxing Blog's concerns.

June 22, 2013
The editor of The Sweet Science emailed The Jewish Boxing Blog and apologized for the misunderstanding. The article has been taken down.

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