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Friday, May 24, 2013

Duer and Perez Battle to Draw

Carolina Duer and Sabrina Maribel Perez fought to a split draw at the Instituto San Isidro in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a rough fight that featured a ton of clinching and several headbutts between the two world champions. Duer holds a super flyweight belt and Perez holds a bantamweight strap. This one was for a different vacant bantamweight belt.

Perez, wearing a white top with silvery trunks, started the fight effectively. Her overhand right had far more power than any punch Duer could throw. In the first, Perez dominated by coming forward and looping the right. Duer, who wore a yellow top and white trunks, changed tactics in the second and relied on her customary bull charge which involves her literally running at her opponent as Carolina chucks punches at her. But Perez's looping rights carried the first three rounds for the younger women.

Duer got back into the fight for two reasons. She focused on Perez's body with the left and Perez seemingly fell in love with her own right and began loading up on that punch in search of a knockout, to the detriment of her offense.

Showing she can vary her attack, Duer fought southpaw for a few seconds at a time throughout the contest. She boxed some and brawled other times. While lefts initiated her comeback during the middle rounds, her right hand began finding a home on Perez's face by the late rounds. Several times Duer lowered her left shoulder, stuck her right hand out, stepped down and pivoted off her left foot before throwing the right accurately.

Perez became frustrated after the first three rounds. She showed this when she hit on the break in the fourth round, constantly held throughout the seventh, and intentionally headbutted Duer in the tenth after receiving a clean combination to the head. That final infraction earned Perez a one point deduction from referee Hernan Guajardo.

The story of the bout was Perez's power, which blacked Duer's right eye, and Duer's sustained activity. One judge saw Duer winning 95-93, another scored it for Perez 96-92, and the third had it even at 94. All three scores were curious since there were no knockdowns and it seemed as if only one point was deducted by the referee.

Duer's record is now 14-3-1 with 5 KOs and Perez is 10-0-1 with 2 KOs. This is the first time Perez has failed to win a bout in her eleven-fight career. Duer had a twelve-fight win streak going before the draw.

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