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Friday, December 20, 2013

Ahrens Moves to 5-0

Danny Ahrens remained undefeated with a points victory over Duane Green last month. The fight took place at Park Plaza Hotel in London, England.

Ahrens started the first round by landing his jab before adding combinations. He was on the attack early as the crowd chanted his name. Reports claim that Ahrens hurt his right hand in the first round, but he continued to use that hand throughout the bout.

Ahrens, a 20 year old from Tel Aviv, won the second round on the strength of his body punching. Green hit Ahrens with a solid low blow in that round and it clearly took something out of Ahrens. Danny spent too much of the third round with his back to the ropes. Green was still not very accurate even with Ahrens in such a vulnerable state. Ahrens boxed effectively in the fourth.

Referee Robert Williams scored the bout 40-37 in favor of Ahrens. In Britain, only the referee scores non-title fights.

The impressive thing about Ahrens is he improves every fight. His punches were straighter, his aggression was more controlled and effective, and he was off balance less compared to previous outings. But Ahrens has an annoying habit of switching to southpaw with limited results. In the first round, when Ahrens turned lefty, it allowed Green to have his only success of the round. When Ahrens did land with overhand lefts, they had far less steam that his punches have from the orthodox stance.

After the fight, Ahrens improved to 5-0 with one KO and Green moved to 1-4-1 with zero KOs.

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