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Monday, March 31, 2014

Lefty Brooks in Tough Again

Mike "Lefty " Brooks will face a well-regarded opponent yet again. On April 12, Brooks is scheduled to face Jason Sosa at Bally's Event Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey in a junior lightweight bout.

Brooks (10-1-1, 2 KOs) is coming off of a spirited defeat against an undefeated hot prospect, Karl Dargan, last November. In August, Brooks defeated Chip Perez, who possessed an impressive 10-2 record at the time of their clash.

Sosa (11-1-3, 7 KOs) has also defeated Chip Perez. Their fight took place in January of 2013 and Sosa was able to floor Perez with a short right that punctuated a combination at the end of the opening round. Sosa, a 26 year old from Camden, New Jersey, likes to stalk his opponent, which could make for an exciting fight with Brooks, who can box, but is often a come-forward guy.

Sosa has won his last seven fights and has KOed his last six opponents. Sosa's only loss came against Treysean Wiggins in 2010. Sosa was knocked down three times and stopped in the fight round by Wiggins, a tall southpaw.

While Brooks and Sosa are the same age, the Long Island native has a one and half inch advantage over Sosa. Mike's bigger advantage might be his southpaw stance. The Wiggins fight was the only time Sosa has faced a southpaw during his professional career.

This bout is scheduled for 10 rounds.

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