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Friday, July 18, 2014

Seldin-Jargal Declared No Contest

Cletus "Da Hamma" Seldin controlled all three rounds against Bayan "The Mongolian Mongoose" Jargal until the fight was stopped and declared a no contest. Seldin's head smacked into Jargal's right eye in the opening moments of the second round. Jargal's eye quickly began to close and by the end of the third rest period, it was nearly shut.

Seldin (13-0, 10 KOs) applied instant pressure and relentlessly threw combinations. He launched a total of 89 punches in the first round alone. Seldin jabbed well early and landed a couple of thudding body shots with his right hand.

Jargal (17-5-3, 11 Kos) initially tried to punch with Seldin, but quickly decided to box. Seldin effectively cut off the ring, which neutralized Jargal's strategy. The headbutt in the second forced Jargal to cover up for about half of the round. Seldin wouldn't give the Mongoose time to collect himself.

Jargal did eventually land a solid uppercut, which led to Seldin using the cross-armed defensive tactic with good results. Seldin lost his mouthpiece in the round and was warned by referee Pete Santiago, but finished the second with hard uppercuts.

The doctor checked Jargal's right eye five seconds into the third round, but the fight was allowed to continue. Jargal started throwing hail mary shots, but failed to land. Seldin kept punching and was adept at taking any slight opening Jargal presented to him. Seldin snapped Jargal's head back with two powerful jabs in the round.

The fight was stopped before the start of the fourth round, rendering it a no contest. Seldin was disappointed with the outcome of the fight. But he had fared well against the toughest opponent of his career and exhibited more nuance in his game than he had before. He controlled the center of the ring, jabbed, defended well, and varied his punches. The bout was exciting and should lead to another television appearance for "Da Hamma."

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