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Friday, November 15, 2019

Nikita Basin to Fight in Ukraine

Nikita Basin, a light heavyweight from Israel, will take part in his third professional boxing match on Sunday against Andrii Chamaidar in Myrhorod, Ukraine.

The fight will take place one day after Basin's 33rd birthday. Basin won his debut in July when his opponent, Yuriy Tkachenko, couldn't come out for the second round. Basin won by TKO last month against the debuting Vladyslav Dynnyk. Both fights took place in Ukraine against Ukrainian fighters.

Both cards featured another Israeli boxer, Nur Rabia, a 23 year old super middleweight. So far, Rabia has forced both of his opponents to surrender after the second round in each of his two bouts. The opponents had a combined 1-11-1 record at the time Rabia fought them. While their records were poor, they did have far more pro experience than did Rabia and both had significant weight advantages.

Basin's opponent, Chamaidar, is a 21 year old from Kharkiv, Ukraine. He is 1-8 with all eight of his losses coming by knockout. On paper, he has the look of a soft touch, but Chamaidar did win his last fight by first round KO.

This bout is scheduled for four rounds.

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