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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Miroslav Ishchenko Wins in Ukraine

Junior middleweight Miroslav Ishchenko, who has also fought under the surname Kapuler, defeated Alexander Benidze in Kiev, Ukraine last night. Ishchenko won by unanimous decision in a four rounder. Miroslav, a southpaw, controlled nearly every second of the fight.

Ishchenko won the first two rounds because of his lead lefts. He varied the velocity and location of his punches. Benidze, a 37 year old Georgian who fights out of Ukraine, often found himself off balance. At other times, Ishchenko wobbled Benidze when he loaded up on a big left. Ishchenko sprinkled in a right hook here and there starting at the end of the first.

Benidze was noticeably frustrated in the corner before the third round. Ishchenko had created Benidze's irritation with his reach advantage and superior speed. The 44-fight veteran got inside to start the third and landed a short right to the body. Benidze didn't land much throughout the contest, but the short right to the body was his most reliable shot.

Ishchenko committed to the jab for the first time in the fight in the third and garnered positive results. The 23 year old then went back to the lead left and seemingly couldn't miss. Benidze huffed and puffed his way out of the corner to start the fourth, but it was the younger Miroslav who held for the first time in the fight in the final period. Nevertheless, Ishchenko had another strong round.

In his fifth round as a professional, Ishchenko went for his second career knockout by standing in front of Benidze and exchanging fire. The veteran was damaged in the shootout but remained upright, a testament to his toughness. Miroslav then went back to boxing, and his lefts started to wobble his opponent with increasing frequency. After connecting with numerous shots in a row, Benidze went down to the canvas as the ten-second warning sounded.  He rose and heard the final bell while on his feet.

Kapuler won by unanimous decision. The judges scores weren't announced, but The JBB scored the bout 40-35 for Ishchenko. Miroslav is now 2-0 with one KO. Benidze falls to 13-29-3 with 6 KOs. He has still only been stopped three times.

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