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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Stefi Cohen on the Transition from Powerlifting to Boxing

Dr. Stefi Cohen is a superior athlete. A Division I soccer player and member of the Under 17 Venezuela national team, Cohen transitioned from soccer to powerlifting about ten years ago and in the process captured 25 world records in her new sport. From powerlifting, the 29 year old entrepreneur and social media star has recently shifted to boxing.

Cohen is 2-0-1 with one KO as a pro fighter after her win Friday night. Following the bout, she spoke analytically about the differences between powerlifting and boxing. 

"It's a completely different sport that operates on the opposite end of the physical spectrum," said Cohen, who earned a PhD in physical therapy and exercise physiology.

About powerlifting, she explained, "It's all unilateral movement, up and down, strength-based, no conditioning.

"And we're moving into a much more dynamic sport. One that changes every time that you get in the ring, that requires a lot of coordination and endurance and stamina and strength and power and intelligence. Everything combined," Cohen said.

In her three fights, she has shown impressive improvement, especially for someone who came to the sport so late. It's clear she understands the attributes it takes to succeed in boxing. She also has the athletic background to thrive in this new sport.

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