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Friday, March 4, 2022

Alaverdian to Face Burgueno This Month

David Alaverdian is scheduled to face Josue "Peñas" Burgueno on March 24 at Palenque de la Feria in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. This is a step-up fight for both men and should be a good one.

Alaverdian (5-0, 4 KOs) is a 28 year old from Nahariya, Israel and is based in Nevada, USA. His pro career began in December of 2019. Alaverdian is supremely skilled. Trained by Floyd Mayweather Sr., David's hands are so quick, they become a blur. He switches stances, changes angles, and throws combinations. Alaverdian scores his KOs with body blows. His defense is slick; he primarily slips oncoming fire or uses footwork to get out of the way, which allows him to counter effectively.

Burgueno, (5-1, 4 KOs) is a 22 year old from Tepic. This will be his sixth fight in his hometown and third in the same venue; the other one was not too far way, just north in the same state. His career has featured more fits and starts than most. He lost his debut as a 16 year old by split decision at minimumweight. He took nearly three years off but then had four fights in 13 months despite the pandemic. He followed up with a year layoff.

Peñas has fought as a flyweight or super flyweight following his debut. He has only fought one opponent with a winning record, Gabriel Loranca, on October 31, 2020. Loranca was 4-1 at the time though he is now 4-6-1. Burgueno used smart pressure and a high work-rate, both to the head and body, to bloody and bruise Loranca on route to a fifth round TKO victory.

Though he left himself open for return fire at times, Josue did not walk in face-first against Loranca. He occasionally jabbed his way in, but mostly glided in behind a high guard. He was strong at 115 pounds. While defense was not his primary concern, he avoided shots by moving his feet. He'll want to try to pressure and rough up Alaverdian to negate the Israeli's skill and speed advantages.

If Burgueno can maintain the pressure, Alaverdian could be in for a tough battle. But the Mexican tends to come straight forward. It worked against Loranca who allowed himself to get backed into corners and then mostly covered up during Burgueno's assaults. In this fight, straight forward pressure will expose Peñas to Alaverdian's creative offensive attacks.

This bout is Alaverdian's first scheduled six-rounder. Burgueno has had two, but only made it as far as the fifth round once, which was in the Loranca fight.

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