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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

David Alaverdian to Face Jeno Tonte

David Alaverdian is scheduled to face Jeno Tonte at the Ford Community Center in Dearborn, Michigan on April 2 in David's U.S. debut. The experienced Tonte represents a bit of a step up for Alaverdian.

Alaverdian, Israeli-native who resides in the U.S., is 5-0 with 4 KOs. Trained by Floyd Mayweather Sr., David has fast hands, quick feet, is technically sound, and switches stances to keep his opponents off balance. He throws in combination, attacks the body, and utilizes slick defense. He can initiate an attack or counter. And, oh by the way, the 28 year old has a good jab, too.

Jeno Tonte is a 26 year old from Kecskemet, Hungary who has won half of his 18 fights. As is the case with many journeymen, Jeno's is a story of two careers. He began 8-2, but has since gone 1-7 losing his last five fights. He's 9-2 in Hungary (including one fight in Slovakia) and 0-7 in the United States. He's 7-1 against opponents with a losing record or debutants, and 2-8 against those with a winning record.

Tonte is not a pushover, however. Though listed as the same height as Alaverdian at 5'5", he has looked taller in the ring, possibly because he fights straight up. He has a loose, awkward style, which is far from technically proficient, but he has power. Eight of his nine victories have come by knockout. He is best when coming forward and controlling center ring as he did in his second fight against Gezo Olah in 2018.

But Tonte has plenty of weaknesses. He has been stopped in seven of his nine losses, including in each of his last five fights. In his last fight, he made it into the fourth round against former world titlist Cristofer Rosales in 2020.

In 2018, Jorge Romero worked Tonte's body effectively.  In the third, he landed a right to the body. Tonte then bent over, hoping the ref would step in, but Samuel Burgos did not. Romero finished the fight shortly after by TKO. The following year against Khalid Twaiti, Jeno showed surprisingly good punch resistance, and even landed a couple of one-twos, before referee Jamil Antoine jumped in with a questionable stoppage in the third.

Tonte sometimes drops his arms to throw shots leaving himself open for a counter over the top. He doesn't do a great job of guarding his body and retreats to the ropes too willingly. But a veteran with eight KOs in nine wins always has a puncher's chance.

This bout is scheduled for six rounds on a Salita Promotions card.

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