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Friday, July 8, 2022

Cohen Drops Decision to Cuevas

Dr. Stefi Cohen suffered her first loss tonight. She dropped a unanimous decision to Devany Cuevas Torres at the Airport Hilton in Miami, Florida, USA.

Wearing all black, Cohen entered something called the quadragon- a regulation boxing ring inside a steel cage- intent on showing what she’s been working on with her coach, Dr. Pedro Diaz. At the outset, Stefi showed good upperbody movement, and she expertly slipped Cuevas’s jabs. But Cohen couldn’t maintain her newfound defensive skills for very long.

Cohen unleashed explosive left hooks, but they missed; only a short check hook landed. Her jab was sharp and the straight right crashed into Cuevas’s face a few times.

The opening round was razor close. Cuevas boxed well and landed some eye-catching counters. She was busier, but Stefi connected with the harder blows. Cuevas comfortably carried the second round with her in-and-out style and the jab. She bloodied Stefi’s nose early in the period. A bit baffled, Cohen didn’t land a punch until there were just 20 seconds left in the round.

The third was deceptively close. Cuevas boxed smoothly, but Cohen blocked many of the punches. The 30 year old PhD from Venezuela landed a crunching short counter right. Cuevas landed a right uppercut and just slightly deserved the round.

Cohen began the final round aggressively. The 22 year old Cuevas fired back. Cohen landed a left to the body but was hit with a 1-2. Cohen’s straight right found a home on Cuevas’s face, but Cuevas continued to use her height advantage to land jabs and another 1-2.

Two judges gave Cuevas the fight 40-36, which was too wide. The third judge had it 39-37 for Cuevas, a fair score. A draw would have been reasonable as well. Cohen is now 2-1-1 with one KO. Cuevas is 2-0.

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