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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Aki Mishaev's New Opponent is Eugeniu Bat

Aki Mishaev is now scheduled to face Eugeniu Bat on September 15 in Ashdod, Israel. Mishaev's original opponent, Radu Schimbator, suffered an injury in training and had to pull out. Bat is a tougher foe than Schimbator.

Mishaev, a 35 year old from Israel, is 1-0 in his pro career. On October 27, 2019 he defeated Gheorghi Croitor by unanimous decision in a junior middleweight bout. Born Arkadi Azrael Mishaev, Aki showed a variety of styles in his debut. He boxed early, stalked in the middle of the fight, and launched bombs late. In the nearly three years since his fight, he has started a boxing league in Israel for youngsters.

Bat is a 23 year old welterweight from Chisinau, Moldova. He sports a 1-1 record. On February 26, he beat Schimbator by majority decision in both fighters' pro debut. One month later, he traveled to Poland where he gave away three pounds to 3-0 prospect Kewin Gibas. Bat spent much of the fight with his back on the ropes, desperately trying to slip Gibas's shots and returning futile fire. When he wasn't plastered to the perimeter, he preferred to counterpunch.

In that fight, referee Robert Gortat didn't do Eugeniu any favors. Gibas was allowed to connect with rabbit punches without reprimands, including one in the second round while Bat was down. Gortat then made a mess of the finish. Gibas landed two left hooks to the body; the second one seemed to hurt Bat, who bent over at the waist. Instead of waving off the fight as Bat was clearly defenseless, Gortat actually waved Gibas forward. Gibas promptly landed some more rabbit punches before Gortat jumped in to stop the fight.

Mishaev-Bat is part of a fight card that features eight amateur fights and four pro bouts.

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