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Sunday, December 4, 2022

David Alaverdian Wins By TKO

David Alaverdian beat Edgar Mendoza at Auditorio Ernesto Rufo in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico tonight. Alaverdian's body assault led to a second round TKO.

In that second round, Mendoza let his hands go. Alaverdian blocked and landed his patented left hook to the body. As Mendoza fell to the canvas in pain, David pounded his gloves together in satisfaction.

Whatever chance the taller man from Mexico City had to win, he gave it away by fighting the wrong fight. He tried to trade with the Israeli instead of utilizing his reach advantage. Alaverdian has said, "For myself, it has always been easier to fight taller guys on the outside and counter them rathar walking them down." Mendoza played right into David's fists.

Mendoza showed guts to beat the count. After a clinch, Alaverdian landed a smooth combination that included left hook to the body and another to the head. Mendoza continued to return fire and ate a straight right for his trouble. Another left hook to the body put Mendoza down again and the referee immediately waved off the fight.

Alaverdian is now 7-0-1 with 6 KOs. Mendoza is now 3-9 with one KO. This is the third time he has been stopped.

courtesy of La Voz del Boxeo

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