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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Yonatan Landman Wins Pro Debut

Yonatan Landman won his professional debut yesterday at the ABU Arena in Baku, Azerbaijan. The flyweight won by knockout 31 seconds into the first round.

Landman is a 19 year old from Kiryat, Israel. He has been trained in the art of combat almost as long as he's been trained in the art of using the potty. His father Shai began coaching him when Yonatan was just four years old. After a decade of kickboxing, Yonatan switched to boxing four years ago.

For six weeks Landman prepared to fight Ramazan Babayev, a 33 year old veteran of ten fights from Lankaran, Azerbaijan. The day before the fight, the promoter told Landman that Babayev had broken his leg. Yonatan and Shai didn't know anything about the new opponent, Agayev Gasim, who was two pounds heavier than Yonatan. In fact, Yonatan still doesn't know his name.

It didn't matter. Landman (110.7 pounds) landed a sharp jab and a sweeping right to score a quick knockout of his overmatched opponent, who came in at 112.5 pounds. Landman credits his father's game plan for the victory. "I did exactly what my father told me to do," Yonatan told The Jewish Boxing Blog, "and it worked out better than expected."

Landman is next scheduled to fight on March 5 at the famed Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra, Ghana. BoxRec currently lists Landman's opponent as Simon Tackie (0-2).

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