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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Foreman Has Something to Prove

When Yuri Foreman stares across the ring before his fight this Saturday night at Yankee Stadium, he'll be looking at an undoubtedly more accomplished boxer. Miguel Cotto has been one of the best and most beloved fighters of the past few years.

Some deride Foreman as a "paper champion." In this era of a myriad of belts, Foreman holds one, the WBA light middleweight crown. At this point though, he isn't the cream of the crop of the division. That honor probably belongs to Sergio Martinez or Paul Williams should they decide to continue to fight at 154 instead of at middleweight.

The Ring Magazine has Foreman accurately (at this point) ranked as the sixth best junior middleweight. To gain the WBA belt, he dominated world class veteran Daniel Santos. That win propelled the first Israeli world champion into the Ring's top ten for the division.

A win over Cotto will probably not affect his Ring rating as Cotto is a novice at 154. But a victory late Saturday night over the Puerto Rican great will give him something that has evaded the Jewish beltholder to this point in his career, a ton of credibility in the boxing world.

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