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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Emily Klinefelter Suffered Cranial Bleeding and Swelling

Emily Klinefelter left Saturday night's fight in Johnson City, Iowa against Christina Ruiz in an ambulance. According to Ryan Suchomel of press-citizen.com, Emilio Ledezma- Ruiz's manager- said that Klinefelter woke up after surgery Sunday. Ledezma noted that Klinefelter had suffered from cranial bleeding and swelling.

Klinefelter and Ruiz engaged in a highly intense bout. Klinefelter was knocked down in the second round. Ruiz told Jon Frank of The Daily Iowan, “Her eyes were kind of rolling back, and I thought they were going to stop the fight, but they didn’t."

Klinefelter was felled again in the third round. Jon Frank writes, "Cheers from the crowd quickly silenced after the Iowa City native did not answer the referee’s 10 count... Unresponsive to wake-up calls, fanning, and shaking, she breathed steadily, her eyes shut. Convulsions sporadically shot through her body as she remained flat on her back."

Frank's article has video of the fight. The video does not include the knockdowns or the scene after the fight except for a short clip of the ambulance ride.

According to Frank and a FightNews.com article, which has pictures from the contest including a shot of Klinefelter stretched out afterwards, the referee counted all the way to 10 before stopping the fight. Ledezma told Suchomel, "The girl was taking a beating. The ref should’ve stopped the fight [earlier]."

Suchomel writes that Klinefelter's mother stated in an email, "Emily remains hospitalized and is doing quite well. The doctors feel that there is an excellent probability of full recovery."

Adam Pollack- Klinefelter's husband and promoter- said in a statement, "The doctors feel that there is a high probability of a strong recovery. She is speaking and is cogent and responsive, though in and out of sleep as they monitor her. Things are looking up, but the optimism is naturally guarded for the first 72 hours, which is the most critical time."

Thoughts and prayers go out to Emily Klinefelter and her family.

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