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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Ring's Sloppy Foreman Article

The Ring Magazine is the self-proclaimed "Bible of Boxing." It is the most respected publication in the sport. Unfortunately, acclaimed writer Michael Rosenthal, didn't show Yuri Foreman the same amount of respect in his article "Foreman is Out to Prove He Belongs with the Best."

Sure, Rosenthal touts Foreman's courage after continuing to fight Miguel Cotto despite a leg injury. In fact, Rosenthal is generally sympathetic to Foreman throughout the article. But there are glaring errors that implicitly belittle Foreman.

Rosenthal writes, "The craziness began in the seventh round of a fight Cotto was winning fairly convincingly, when Foreman’s right knee – weakened by a childhood injury -- buckled and he slipped to the canvas.

"The same thing happened twice more in the eighth round, prompting trainer Joe Grier to throw in a towel to stop the fight."

Foreman actually fell to the canvas twice in the seventh round. He never fell in the eighth, the round Grier threw in the towel. Rosenthal could have found that out by employing a modicum of research. A simple Google search would have done the trick. Rewatching the seventh and eighth rounds was another option.

Worse still, Rosenthal mentions that Foreman tore his meniscus in the Cotto fight, but doesn't print one word on the ACL tear he suffered. Foreman did suffer a torn meniscus, but a torn ACL is a far worse injury. Brandon Roy of the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers came back to play in a playoff basketball game eight days after tearing his meniscus. Perhaps Roy's comeback was ill-advised, but at least it was possible. An ACL tear puts an athlete out of commission for at least six months.

Foreman has reportedly worked hard to rehabilitate and his right knee is stronger than it was before the Cotto fight. He next takes on Pawel Wolak on March 12 in Las Vegas.

On a side note, Foreman describes the impact of faith on his life in this local CBS broadcast out of Dallas.

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  1. Yashir Koach to Yuri Foreman...Yo' mama to Rosenthal..