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Friday, June 15, 2012

Nakash Fails to Make Weight, Out of Tourney

In a stunning development, Ran Nakash failed to make the cruiserweight limit in two attempts today and will not take part in the Super 8 Last Man Standing cruiserweight tournament to be held in South Africa over the coming months.

South African sources are reporting that Nakash left the premises after two failed attempts at weighing in at 200 pounds or less. He was given another shot, but declined to try to make weight. He had claimed he trained hard and asserted he was eager to win the three required matches to capture the tournament title, but the scales tell a different tale.

Nakash has often weighed over 200 pounds for his fights, but for his last two, the two biggest bouts of his career, he made weight. Before each of his previous five contests, he had weighed in over the cruiserweight limit. The Krav Maga expert stands only about 5'9", but is thick and muscular from his neck to his knees.

Since he had been able to make weight for his title shot against Marco Huck, a fight in which he took on only eight days notice, and against Derek Bryant this year, it seems Nakash simply did not take this fight as seriously as he did for the previous two.

This marks the third consecutive fight to be canceled after The Jewish Boxing Blog went through the trouble of posting a preview, dating back to last summer. Concerns over the existence of some kind of JBB jinx are growing.

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