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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Salita Falls to Bracero

Welterweight Dmitriy Salita dropped a unanimous decision to Gabriel Bracero tonight at the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, New York. Bracero was the aggressor for much of the fight and landed a number of eye-catching left hooks.

Salita entered the ring first, wearing his customary Star of David on his trunks. Bracero's trunks featured the Puerto Rican flag. In the first round, both men jabbed early and Salita began backing up. Salita was able to duck Bracero's power punches, but wasn't in position to counter.

In the second, Bracero landed a hard left hook that wobbled Dmitriy. Bracero did the same in each of the next several rounds. Salita jabbed effectively and stuck rights into Bracero's body during the quiet moments, but the shots that made the crowd gasp were all owned by Bracero.

There were more quiet moments in the sixth and seventh rounds than there had been previously and Salita should have carried those. Dmitriy continued to be successful early in the eighth, but then a left hook knocked him down. From that point forward, Bracero punished Salita for most of the round, though Salita had his moments at the end.

The ninth was a good comeback round for Salita, who landed some rights throughout the night, but Bracero punctuated the round with an uppercut. Bracero was aggressive and controlled the action for much of the contest. He showed good power as well.

The fight was taken in by Paulie Malignaggi, Buddy McGirt, and the Amazing Kreskin, among others. After the fight, Bracero told Steve Farhood, "I give Dmitriy all the respect in the world," noting that they have known each other since childhood. Bracero moves his record to 22-1 with 4 KOs and Salita falls to 35-2-1 with 18 KOs.

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