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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zachary Wohlman on Freddie Roach's Comments

Last Wednesday, Freddie Roach made an off color comment about reporter Elie Seckbach calling him a "fucking Jew." Zachary "Kid Yamaka" Wohlman has trained in Roach's Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, California with the five time BWAA trainer of the year for six years. The two men are close; Roach even attended Wohlman's Bar Mitvah celebration.

Of Roach, Wohlman told The Jewish Boxing Blog, "He doesn't have a racist bone in his body." Wohlman noted that Roach has worked with and cared for people of all different races and faiths.

Zac believes that Roach doesn't argue well and isn't always calm and levelheaded in a confrontation. He went on to explain that people in boxing have also been brought up in places of hardship and that can color how they handle conflict. Often in boxing, people are defined by their ethnic or racial makeup, and that may have also played a role into the insults hurled during Wednesday's altercation.

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  1. I think Wohlman's take is the most accurate so far...Seckbach appears to do most of his stories from Garcia's gym/with the Garcia's-and was present when Roach was mocked for his Parkinson's from that group.