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Monday, March 16, 2020

Chilemba's Fight with Chudinov in Doubt

Isaac Chilemba's scheduled bout with Fedor Chudinov this Saturday in Russia is in doubt at the moment because Chilemba has been unable to get a flight from his base in South Africa to the location of the fight in Vladikavkaz, according to Mphatso Malidadi of The Times.

The global pandemic coronoavirus-2019 has forced airlines around the world to cancel numerous flights. Chilemba was originally scheduled to fly out Saturday night for the bout with Chudinov, but if he can't catch a flight within the next day or so, the fight will be cancelled. "I cannot fly in two or three days before the fight," Chilemba told Malidadi. "I won’t have time to recover from [an] 18 hours[-]plus flight and fight. I need more than four days to get rid of jet lag for the body to perform."

There are currently 62 known cases of coronavirus in South Africa. Yesterday the president Cyril Ramaphosa announced travel restrictions, a ban on large gatherings, and the closure of schools in the country starting on Wednesday in an effort to slow the progress of the disease which will infect exponentially more people if action is not taken.

The JBB will provide an update for the Chilemba fight as information becomes available.

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