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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Sinakin Remains Undefeated

Light heavyweight Benny "Jewish Bulldog" Sinakin defeated veteran Leroy Jones by unanimous decision tonight at Bally's in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Sinakin dominated the fight. Jones was very defensive and fought ugly. He was deducted a point on two occasions, once in the third and another in the fourth, for excessive holding. Jones was hurt just before the final bell to end the third round.

The Jewish Bulldog often rushed in and threw hard combinations trying to find holes in Jones's tight guard. Sinakin wasn't afraid to attack the body. He didn't jab much on the way because he didn't have to. The few times Jones released his hands, he unintentionally warned Benny with a loud yell. Sinakin swiveled his hips from time to time to taunt Jones, who still refused to engage.

Sinakin swept the cards with each of the three judges scoring the contest 40-34. Sinakin is now 6-0 with three KOs while Jones, who still hasn't been stopped, is 3-8 with two KOs.

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