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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Shawn Sarembock Improves to 6-0

Junior middleweight Shawn Michael Sarembock won his last fight by fourth round TKO against Adan "Ojitos" Gamboa. The fight took place on October 8 at the famed Big Punch Arena in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Sarembock is a 30 year old based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. He turned pro in 2019 and scored four stoppage victories before the pandemic slowed his career's progress. After a sixteen month layoff, Sarembock returned to the ring in July. All six of his fights have been in Tijuana. He has yet to face an opponent with a winning record.

In the first round of his fight against Gamboa, Sarembock started out jabbing. Gamboa landed an overhand right, and Sarembock retreated to the ropes. It would be the highlight of Gamboa's night. Off the ropes, Shawn landed several left hooks to the body. He followed one of them up with a right uppercut that put down Gamboa. Sarembock showed good poise throughout the bout but was perhaps too patient after scoring that first knockdown.

Wearing a gold Star of David on the left leg of his black trunks, Sarembock dominated the second round. He threw in combination, doubled up his jab, and mercilessly attacked the body. Ojitos switched to southpaw out of desperation. Shawn reacted by attacking Gamboa's round midsection some more. Those body punches set up right uppercuts and a short right over the top. Gamboa's response was to land a straight left below the belt at the end of the second round.

The third was more of the same. Gamboa came out as a righty and ate a jab as he rushed forward. Sarembock continuously pumped the jab into Gamboa's face. Ojitos became frustrated and switched back to southpaw. At one point he taunted Shawn to come forward as Adan himself fled. Towards the end of the round, Sarembock threw a triple jab and a right behind it. Gamboa took a knee for the second knockdown of the night.

The final round lasted 48 seconds. After several more body shots, Gamboa waved his arms towards Shawn in an unconvincing imitation of punches. Sarembock landed a right uppercut, Gamboa took a knee for the third time in the fight, and referee Fernando Renteria waved off the contest.

Sarembock varied the level and intensity of his punches. He controlled center-ring and remained relaxed throughout the fight. His body shots were vicious, he possessed powerful uppercuts, but his left hook could've been tighter. Defensively, he blocked the punches. He did not slip, move his head, or use his feet. Against Gamboa, blocking mostly did the job although Ojitos connected here and there. The 36 year old native of Tijuana is a 33-fight veteran, but 28 of those have been losses. He has been stopped in half of those losses and scored just two KOs himself. Against a better opponent, Sarembock will need to show improved defense.

Regardless, Shawn is now 6-0 with 6 KOs. His father, Neil, was a decorated kickboxer from South Africa and briefly served as a boxing judge. Shawn's dream is to become the next Jewish world champion.

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