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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Stefi Cohen to Face Nikkia Williams

Dr. Stefanie Cohen is scheduled to face Nikkia Williams on June 9 at Commerce Casino in Commerce, California, USA. Williams will be a good test for Cohen.

Cohen is a 31 year old native of Venezuela with a record of 3-1-1 (one KO). She is now based in southern California and trains under the tutelage of Pedro Santiago Jr. In her last bout, Stefi got back in the win column against Leanna Calderon this past February, but she has suffered from stamina issues in her last two fight.

The exhaustion was evident against Devanny Cuevas last July. Cohen lost that fight by unanimous decision. Against Calderon, Cohen landed a gorgeous counter straight right in the second round to score a knockdown. When Calderon rose, Cohen wisely jumped on her, knocking her back with a right. But then Stefi curiously backed off. Either the stamina issues resurfaced or she suffered an undisclosed injury, but Calderon controlled the rest of the four-round affair.

Williams will test Cohen's stamina issues. She is a 29 year old from Los Angeles with a record of 0-1. She trains out of the Wild Card gym. Eric Brown, who worked with the late Zachary Wohlman, joined Eric Tucker in Williams's corner for her debut on April 14 against Gloria Munguilla.

In her debut, Williams showed she is an effective offense fighter but has serious defense liabilities. Williams couldn't handle Munguilla's pressure and punch volume in the first two rounds. Nikkia's neck must be made of the same stuff as bobblehead dolls, because Munguilla kept snapping Williams's head back only for Williams to keep coming forward. Munguilla seemed a bit tired in the third, and Williams took advantage. She backed up Munguilla, trapped her on the ropes, and won the round.

If Cohen lets her hands go, her punches will find the target. Williams's paid zero attention to defense in her debut. If Cohen spends much of the fight waiting on the outside, Williams is going win. She will let her hands go if allowed to and will be in fighting shape. Nikkia is extremely tough, and Cohen shouldn't go for the knockout. Staying in close and using lateral movement to pivot around Williams will lead to a wide victory.

Fortunately, Stefi hasn't had to show just how tough she it because she hasn't taken too much punishment in the ring. But she has shown tremendous courage to go from the pinnacle of the powerlifting game to the bottom rung of the boxing world. 

This bout is scheduled for four two-minute rounds. Currently, BoxRec has the bout in the flyweight division. Williams fought as a flyweight in her debut, but Cohen has never weighed in below 116.5 pounds. The event will be televised on UFC Fight Pass.

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