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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Mikhael Ostroumov Sustains an Injury

Southpaw super middleweight Mikhael Ostroumov burst onto the pro scene in 2020 with four pro fights. He won three of them and deserved to win the other one, a majority draw against an undefeated opponent. All four fights took place in Russia.

Since then, Ostroumov has suffered injuries to his knee and his shoulder, which have hampered his promising career. The 25 year old from Afula, Israel has fought in a couple of amateur bouts and an exhibition match since, but his pro career had been put on hold.

Ostroumov recently traveled to Germany to restart his life as a prizefighter, but unfortunately, he suffered an injury while preparing for a fight. He is now back in Israel.

The setbacks have understandably been frustrating for Mikhael, who is very passionate about boxing. On his Instagram page, he echoes Canelo Alvarez's motto, "No boxing, no life." Hopefully, he can heal quickly and get back to doing what he loves.

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