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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Top 5 Jewish Female Boxers

Malissa Smith's Top 5 Jewish Female Boxers

Malissa Smith is the author of A History Of Women’s Boxing, the first comprehensive narrative of the sport The Ring magazine dubbed "The Bible of Women's Boxing." Smith speaks and writes frequently about the sport and with her two co-hosts, developed the popular WAAR Room podcast focused on sports justice. Smith maintains positions in boxing as a founding board member of the IWBHF, an elector for the IBHOF, and as a member of the The Ring’s women’s ratings panel. Maintaining her own wellness, she trains at the world-renowned Gleason’s Gym and writes pieces for her blog, Girlboxing.

It should be noted this incredible list is in chronological order. Smith, who is the preeminent chronicler of women's boxing, also wanted to mention the legendary boxing manager, Jackie Kallen.

1. "The Jewess of Wentworth Street"
2. Jill "The Zion Lion" Matthews
3. Sarah Deming
4. Hagar Shmoulefeld Finer
5. Carolina Raquel "La Turca" Duer

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