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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Top 5 Jewish French Boxers

David Ben Ephraim's Top 5 Jewish French Boxers

David Ben Ephraim runs the Boxing Club Rosh Haayin in Rosh Ha'Ayin, Israel and has worked as a boxing commentator. A former amateur boxer, Ben Ephraim served as a trainer at the Blagnac Boxing Club in Toulouse, France for nearly twenty years. The renowned club was home to many champions including junior featherweight world champion Mahyar Monshipour and European middleweight champion Pierre Joly, just to name a couple. David has also brought up decorated amateur and current pro prospect Odelia Ben Ephraim.

In addition to providing this terrific list, Ben Ephraim wanted to acknowledge several Jewish French trainers: Patrick Bahamed-Athlan, Franck Attia, Thierry Chiche, and the legendary Roger Bensaïd.

1. Alphonse Halimi
2. Fabrice Benichou
3. Robert Cohen
4. Maurice Holtzer
5. Stephane Haccoun

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