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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Top 5 Jewish Bareknuckle Boxers

Roberto Nigro's Top 5 Jewish Bareknuckle Boxers

Roberto Nigro is one of the foremost experts on Jewish boxers of the bareknuckle era. In addition to his years of research and talks on Jewish boxers in London's East End and the famed duel between Daniel Mendoza and Richard Humphreys, Nigro's MRes thesis was on Pugilism: Nationalism, Heroism and Masculinity in the Long Eighteenth Century. He also contributed to the oral history project Mendoza Mania, which recounts the life and legacy of Daniel Mendoza.

This fantastic list focuses mainly on the Georgian and Victorian periods.

1. Daniel Mendoza
2. Dutch Sam
3. Young Dutch Sam
4. Abraham Belasco
5. Barney Aaron

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