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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Yonatan Landman Scores Another KO

Yonatan Landman stopped Habib Lartey in the second round of their bout at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra, Ghana today. After a wild start between two men who share the same hair color, Landman- the natural red head- dominated the rest of the fight.

Lartey came out of his corner like a wind-up toy and stayed in Landman’s face during the early portions of the opening round. The Israeli was a bit flustered at first, but a beautiful combination of left hooks, one to the body and one to the head, convinced Lartey of Landman’s power. Lartey spent the rest of the fight acting like both he and Landman were positive charges, always heading the other direction when Landman came near.

Yonatan scored with another left hook in the first. At the end of the round, he squatted down as if a left hook were coming, but landed and overhand right instead. He quickly followed with a left hook causing Lartey to clinch. Yonatan won the round handily.

In the second, Lartey continued to work vigorously towards amassing his daily 10,000 steps. Landman caught him with a right. A few second later, Lartey lunged forward liver first in to the path of a perfect left hook. The Ghanaian fell to the canvas writhing in pain, unable to beat the count.

Yonatan Landman earned his third KO in as many fights a minute and seven seconds in the second round. Lartey is now 0-2.
The knockout shot

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