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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Ben Ephraim and Benloucif Make Weight

Odelia "Thunder" Ben Ephraim and Narymane Benloucif both made the 126-pound limit ahead of their clash for Ben Ephraim's French featherweight title. The fight is scheduled for eight rounds at Patinoire Municipale Jacques Raynaud in Blagnac, France.

Ben Ephraim weighed in at 124.1 pounds, which is comfortably within her normal range. As a pro, her lightest weight has been 123.5 pounds and her heaviest 126. The 24 year old is 5-2. Benloucif, a 31 year old with a 2-1 record, is also within her normal weight range. Her lightest was 123.3 pounds and her heaviest was in May at 126.5.

The taller Benloucif will want to keep the champ at the end of her punches. Maintaining distance will be imperative because she doesn't have the hand speed advantage. Thunder typically throws more punches and has better punch technique. Ben Ephraim can probably win a fight on the outside, but throwing her quick, well-placed combos in the midrange or in close will be the key to a dominant victory.

Tickets can be bought here. A full preview is here. The fight will be on YouTube.

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