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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Odelia Ben Ephraim to Fight Narymane Benloucif

Odelia Ben Ephraim is scheduled to defend her French featherweight title against Narymane Benloucif on June 7 at Patinoire Municipale Jacques Raynaud in Blagnac, France. This bout is scheduled for eight rounds.

Ben Ephraim is a 24 year old from Blagnac. A talented artist, she won the vacant French title in November against Lydie Bialic to improve her record to 5-2. Nicknamed "Thunder," Ben Ephraim has a crowd-pleasing style in the ring. She's an accurate volume puncher who throws many well-placed combinations. Her punch output can leave her open for left hooks though.

Benloucif is a 31 year old from Toulouse. She holds a 2-1 record. After winning her debut in May of 2022, she dropped a close fight three weeks later to Melina Ainaoui by split decision. Narymane fought well, and the fight really could have gone either way. She used her height advantage to maintain distance and primarily threw long jabs and straight rights. She came forward at times, but was careful not to come too close. After nearly two years away from the ring, she won again on May 11.

Benloucif, who has yet to face an opponent with a professional win, drops her right when she jabs and doesn't bring her hands back high after unleashing them. While Ainaoui occasionally took advantage of these defensive lapses, she was usually not close enough. Ben Ephraim may try a leaping left hook if she can time it right, but she'll mostly look to fight either inside or in the pocket.

Coincidently, Benloucif helped Lydie Bialic prepare for her fight against Ben Ephraim last year. Ben Ephraim had also previously sparred Bialic. When the former sparring partners of Bialic collide on June 7, it should make for a fascinating clash of styles with the French title at stake


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