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Monday, June 19, 2023

Remembering Jack 'Kid' Berg

The 150th episode of Sports History with Will O'Toole on PKRG-TV is about Jack 'Kid' Berg. Berg's cousin, composer Dr. Howard Fredrics, does an excellent job recounting the life and career of the "Whitechapel Windmill."

Berg's poor beginnings contributed to his early entry into professional boxing. He quickly rose through the ranks, fighting at Premierland in London. He became a sensation in the U.S. as American fans were instantly attracted to his whirlwind style. Fredrics notes Berg's relationship with Kid Chocolate, his battles with Tony Canzoneri, and his second act in the ring in obtaining the British lightweight title against Harry Mizler.

Host O'Toole admits early on that he knows nothing about boxing. He fixates on Berg's knockouts of lesser opposition. But Fredrics gives a backstage pass to Berg's life as a ladies' man and partier. In many ways, he provides the cliff notes to the book Jack Kid Berg: The Whitechapel Windmill by Berg and John Harding. At the end of the show, Fredrics discusses his 2005 opera about Berg called The Whitechapel Whirlwind.

Starting today, the episode can be viewed on PKRG-TV in select areas in New Jersey, but in a few weeks in can be viewed on YouTube at this link.

Jack 'Kid' Berg

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