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Friday, June 9, 2023

Stefi Cohen Wins By Decision

Dr. Stefi Cohen beat Esli Cervantes by unanimous decision tonight at Commerce Casino in Commerce, California, USA. Cohen overcame a slow opening round to win.

Cohen, a 31 year old world record-setting powerlifter, and Cervantes, an 18 year old from Mexico, raced out to the middle of the ring after the opening bell and instantly got into an exchange. In an effort to pace herself and find her rhythm, Cohen was reluctant to throw the rest of the round. Cervantes capitalized by landing a nice one-two and attacking Stefi's body. Though shorter, Cervantes connected with a flush left hook and an overhand right from the outside.

At the end of the first, Cohen pushed Cervantes back to the ropes which seemed to change the momentum. Cohen dominated the second round landing combinations off her counters. She also showed a new wrinkle in her game. Cohen has mostly boxed on the outside and clinched in close during her career, but tonight she showed improved in-fighting skills. When on the outside, she moved fluidly.

Cohen continued to find success in the third round. She hadn't gone to the body much in her previous fights. The body assault tonight slowed down Cervantes. When Cervantes came forward, Cohen used her five-inch reach advantage to sneak in the jab. After absorbing a right to the body, Cohen finished the third round with a big right and left hook that shook up Cervantes.

Cohen mauled Cervantes early in the fourth, but her fatigue issues, which first surfaced in her loss last year to Devany Cuevas and continued in her February win against Leanne Caledron, reappeared. Cervantes didn't take advantage too much, connecting several clean rights along the way, but she couldn't put her punches together.

The three judges scored the bout 39-37 for Cohen. The Jewish Boxing Blog had the same score. The ring announcer and the broadcast team claimed Cohen was undefeated, probably at the behest of the promoter. She is actually now 4-1-1 with one KO. Her fights have been well-documented, and the results are on BoxRec. Too often promoters lie to fans about fighters' records. Cervantes is now 1-4.

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