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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Shawn Sarembock Steps Away

Shawn Michael Sarembock took to social media to announce his retirement from the sport of boxing today. "After talking with my team and taking some time to reflect and do a little bit of thinking, I've decided at this point to step away from boxing," he said.

Sarembock's dad Neil, a world champion kickboxer, trained Shawn when he was little. About twelve years ago, Neil began to train his son competitively. Despite the relatively late start and just twelve amateur fights, Shawn put together an impressive pro career.

Sarembock scored eight consecutive knockouts to start his prizefighting career. All of his fights came in the boxing hotbed of Tijuana, Mexico and many were against seasoned pros. 

"Like so many other fighters, I sacrificed everything," Shawn said in his retirement announcement. "Gave it everything I had. Blood, sweat, and tears literally in order to achieve my dream, which is to become the next Jewish world champion."

Before his ninth fight, the promotors undermined Shawn and banned his dad from his corner. Flustered early in the fight, he managed to mount a comeback and secure a draw on the road. Despite all the backstage drama, he even took the bout on The Jewish Boxing Blog's scorecard.

Sarembock mentioned Barney Ross and Yuri Foreman as his inspirations. Previously, he had noted Orlando Canizales was also an influence on him. But Shawn has been steadfast throughout his career in singling out his father Neil as his biggest inspiration and influence. "Most importantly, thank you to my dad," Shawn said with a smile. "Without him none of this was possible."

Shawn finishes his career undefeated with a record of 8-0-1 and 8 KOs. In the chaotic world of boxing, he showed noteworthy poise inside the ring.

He noted, "Although becoming the next Jewish world champion wasn't meant to be, I'm still proud of what I've accomplished, and I am walking away with my head held high."

He has good reason to be proud.

It has been a pleasure to cover his career. Best wishes to Shawn in the future.

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